Kayaking: Paddle your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle!

Interested in taking up a healthier lifestyle, but find going to the gym a boring routine? Then kayaking is the answer for you!

Instead of sweating on a treadmill, you could explore rivers, streams, lakes and the sea aboard a lightweight, easy to transport watercraft, and enjoy the tranquility of nature, along with the excitement and all the health benefits that a good training session has to offer. If you are looking for an outdoor activity that will benefit both your body and soul, then look no further! The Half Day Sea Kayak Halkidiki trip is an excellent option for people on limited time, or if you are not sure if the Full Day Sea Kayak Halkidiki trip is for you.

A great workout for the whole body!

Your upper body muscles will definitely benefit from kayaking. Paddling for just one hour means that you will do about 1,500 strokes, which will help you build your arm muscles, without any risk of being injured. You will also tone your abdominal muscles and whole torso, since, with every stroke, you have to either slightly bend or turn. Getting a six-pack does not mean, however, that you will not work on those leg muscles too. As you paddle and try to balance on the kayak, you apply pressure on the legs and, therefore, work on that area of your body as well. Your heart rate also goes up whenever you paddle, and keeping a steady pace has a scientifically-proven beneficial effect on your cardiovascular health.

sea kayaking lifestyle in Halkidiki

It is great for the mind too!

There is nothing better than spending some hours per week in the water, kayaking and enjoying a harmonious natural environment. Kayaking will drive your worries away and help you return stress-free and relaxed to your everyday routine. It is an aerobic type of workout that helps endorphins flood your body and mind, and improve your memory and quality of sleep, and, eventually, your overall wellbeing. Join the Sunset Sea Kayak Halkidiki trip to experience the tranquility of the calm Vourvourou bay and the different shades of orange and red take over the landscape as the sun sets behind the hills.

sea kayaking lifestyle in Halkidiki

A relaxing and fun way to lose weight!

Keeping your mind relaxed and your body active is the best way to lose weight. Recommended by weight-loss experts, kayaking can help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour – much more than you would do indoors, at a gym, and in a fun way too! Kayaking will help you build that positive self-image that you have been longing for, not just because it will help you burn fat, but also because it will boost your self-confidence in multiple ways! As fun as it may be, kayaking can be challenging too, and meeting those challenges (whether these are paddling in a whitewater rapid or for a longer distance each time) will make you feel invincible!

sea kayaking lifestyle in Halkidiki

One caters for all: a sport for loners or groups of friends

Kayaking can help you relax in the privacy of your own boat or meet up with new and old friends. Whether you need some quality time away from all social contact or you wish to join a lively community of nature-lovers, kayaking can cater to diverse personalities and lifestyles.

sea kayaking lifestyle in Halkidiki

Kayaking can be a real source of joy for every member of the community. Offering multiple benefits to your body, mind, and social interaction, kayaking is a firm step in the direction of adopting an overall healthy lifestyle.

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Just get on board a kayak and paddle away!

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