Our Sea Kayaking Equipment

We provide all the equipment that you need to have a great kayaking adventure, including quality sea kayaks, paddles, life jackets and other accessories for all our Day Trips. Apart from paddling gear, we provide also dry bags, masks and snorkels. All equipment is selected for its performance and safety features and maintained to the highest standard. Moreovoer, all our gear is thoroughly washed everyday.

Sit-on-tops are fun and a great way to enjoy kayaking

logoOur current fleet comprises of several singles and doubles, kayaks designed and manufactured in France from Rotomod group. We have both RTM and DAG kayaks are one of the most successful kayak brands in Europe.

All our sea kayaks are directionally stable, open cock-pit (“sit on top”) kayaks, designed mainly for recreational or beginning paddlers. We have both single and double kayaks, but we prefer to use double sea kayaks on all our sea kayak trips. Of course, if someone is experienced, after request we can provide singles also. Click here to read why do we prefer the sit-on-top kayaks.

All our Sea Kayaks are fitted with comfort seats!

Single Kayaks

The bulk of the fleet are the DAG MID-WAY Lux, by the DAG Kayaks manufacturer, France. The DAG Mid-way is probably one of the best selling touring sit-on-top kayak, made of high grade polyethylene material.


DAG Midway Specs_roundedRacy, elegant, high performance, the DAG Mid-Way combines the performances of a traditional sea kayak (smoothness, speed, technical qualities) with those of a sit-on-top (comfort, stability, safety). This really is the best of both worlds. It has a sea kayak bow allowing it to tackle even large surf. Its extra length offers more starage, improved efficiency and better stability in choppy conditions.

The DAG Mid-way is 440cm long by 65cm wide and weights 23Kg.

Also, check out the video presentation of DAG Mid-way kayak by C-kayak Australia.

[youtube J4CuBFFCqoo]


Double Kayaks (Tandems)

We use exclusively the Tribal Ocean by DAG Kayaks, made of high grade polyethylene material.


DAG Tribal Ocean Specs_roundedThe DAG Tribal Ocean is the family cruise ship of the sit on top world. It is a compact double sit-on-top kayak with a well defined third seat position with foot wells in the middle for an additional person. It has a good keel for improved tracking, is wide and very stable and boasts 7 carry handles for ease of carrying. An ideal recreational family kayak for use on flat water and in the surf.

The DAG Tribal Ocean is 390cm long by 90cm wide and weights 30Kg.

Check out the video presentation from DAG for the Tribal Ocean Kayak at the 2013 Paris Boat Show NauticExpo.

[youtube K3YTsfMi-h8#t=111]


Sea Paddles


Our sea paddles are from the DAG Elegance range and from the TNP range, for satisfying the requirements of both the occasional and steady touring paddler.

The blades light but strong design ensure a silent and fluid movement through the water. The fiber-shaft offers a rigid paddle with a reliable grip as well as having the advantage of a lighter weight, allowing you to travel a greater distance with less effort.


Variable feather from 90 degrees left to 90 degrees right, 210cm, 215cm and 220 cm in length.

Buoyancy Aids

gilet-rapid_smallWe use exclusively the DAG Rapid buoyancy aids (PFD’s).

PVC BLOC foam (70N), reinforced seams with central clamp with 3 loops resistant.



Waterproof Bags

Sacs-etanchesHigh resistant Cortex/PU – waterproof bag, round bottom, closure with fast clip, equipped with two removable straps. Size: 15 Lt.



High quality snorkel and mask for your underwater explorations. snorkelling equipment