The picturesque resort of Vourvourou in Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki

The amazing coastline of Vourvourou bay
The amazing coastline of Vourvourou bay

Sea Kayak Halkidiki centre is based in the heart of the Vourvourou resort, just 20 m away from the beach.

South and at a distance of 13 klm from Agios Nikolaos and 120 klm from the airport of Thessaloniki, to the peninsula of Sithonia is the known all over the world for its natural beauty, Vourvourou resort, with its nine small islands where the virgin nature and the secret charming beaches are something unique.

5 klm from Ormos Panagias, along a road that spreads out between olive trees and pines, the magic picture of Vourvourou stuns the visitor. It is a matter of a colourful complex of blue and green with miscellaneous marine designs and forest-covered hills. Firstly you can see Livari, a calm fair lagoon which is delimited from the adjacent navy-blue sea by an elongated sandy beach with pine trees.

This place, with its natural beauty and the multiformity of choices that it offers, we invite you to visit.

Followingly, the sea of Vourvourou is extended, belted with many small and big islands which render it a long safe natural port, whereas on the land side, tens of hotel enterprises offer warm and hospitalle residence to the visitors. The miracle that is named Vourvourou is peaked to Karidi, a shallow silver beach with the pines spreading out their branches over the sea.

The amazing morphology and coastline of the area has led many people to photograph this beauty. Below you can see some breath-taking photos that truly illustrate an “exotic and scenic” setting. Enjoy them!


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