This year, we are celebrating our 6th anniversary, that’s why, we are pleased to announce that we have recently released two new promotional videos! Check us out We know that you want to find out more about Sea Kayak Halkidiki trips and outdoor experiences, before booking a kayak trip with us. Our base is located in the picturesque resort of Vourvourou, in Sithonia peninsula of

What Sea Kayak Halkidiki guides do during winter time? Having fun doing snowboarding of course! 🙂 Our annual visit (check out this older post) to the beloved Ski Resort of Vasilitsa (, in Grevena, North Greece, took place on a beautiful day at the end of January 2016! Despite the relative small amount of snow, we hit the slopes and we made a

Amazing Aerial Video of the Blue Lagoon Spot of Sea Kayak Halkidiki We love to be with creative people, that seize everyday the opportunity of creating something wonderful. Watch this amazing bird’s eye view video of the Blue Lagoon spot of Diaporos island in Vourvourou bay. Best watched in 720HD! [youtube rinXLdwDdcM] YouTube link: We, at Sea Kayak Halkidiki visit the Blue Lagoon

 A Short Film of our Sea Kayak Halkidiki Half Day Trip on the 26 June 2014 Even on a cloudy day, our customers feel very creative and passionate about our Sea Kayak Halkidiki Trips. Check out this video made by Cristina Salomia. Great effort. [vimeo 99873563] Thank you so much for sharing! Hope to see you soon!