Happy Second Birthday Sea Kayak Halkidiki website!

Happy Second Birthday to our Website: www.seakayakhalkidiki.gr

2birthday_smallIt has been two years since we went public with the www.seakayakhalkidiki.gr website. In that time we have been amazed at how this has proven to be a success, and enabled us as a Sea Kayak Halkidiki to share our trips, news, ideas, and techniques of this great sport.

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Happy Second Birthday Sea Kayak Halkidiki!

Thanks to all of you, it quickly became so much more than than. We have gotten emails, comments and material from people all over the world! The overwhelming success of this site would not be possible without each and every one of you. No amount of thanks could possibly be enough. It is because of you, our loyal readers, that this site is what it is!

Here are some of the statistics from the first two years:

  • We wrote in total 23 unique articles
  • which were read from 6.355 unique visitors,
  • with a total page views of 14.647
  • page views per visit: 2.3
  • we are accessed regularly in more than 30 different countries.

In the following image you can see some statistics for the past 2 months according to hitstats.com!

Statistics for the last 2 months, based on www.hitstats.com

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