23 ways hiking in Halkidiki makes you healthier

There’s just something about hiking in Halkidiki, Greece that goes beyond the normal standards. Go hiking in Halkidiki as part of a small group, with a local guide, and you’ll have an unforgettable  experience that will follow you for a lifetime.

Hike through the beautiful forest of Mt. Itamos and admire the amazing view of Sithonia peninsula

Especially, if you love hiking in a green dense forest, admiring breathtaking views, or amazing sunset’s, then the Amazing Hiking Trip of Mt. Itamos in Sithonia Halkidiki is just the perfect choice for you! This 3-4 hours hiking trip, specially designed from Sea Kayak Halkidiki , takes you through the hidden hiking trails of Mt. Itamos, which extends all over the Sithonia peninsula and took its name from the homonymous pinewood tree.

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hiking in Halkidiki - Sea Kayak Halkidiki

However, hiking in Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki is just more than simply running and going for a walk.

Since hiking is considered as a perfect weight-bearing physical activity, it helps to boost your overall strength. It promotes bone density and bone strength and defines the leg muscles as well. In addition to this, the core will also get developed in a perfect way, thus improving your capacity. Remember, hiking through nature and out of the gym in a hilly environment will help to burn more than 500 calories within an hour. The ups and the downs of the hilly landscapes will let all the muscles in your body to make an effort, thus engaging yourself in a natural body fitness workout program.

You can check out the below mentioned 23 ways of hiking which benefit your health. Find more detailed benefits of hiking from riderstrail.com.