Sea Kayak Halkidiki at the top of Mount Olympus

Sea Kayak Halkidiki team at the top of Mount Olympus (2918 m)!

SeaKayakHalkidiki_Olympus_roundedOn Saturday 19 October 2013, Sea Kayak Halkidiki joined the environmental club of University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) for the ultimate climbing experience. Climbing Mount Olympus. The highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in the Balkans.

The highest point is Mytikas (2.918 m), the place were Zeus dwells, and fires his lightning bolts from – the place we were going to conquer.

After about 7,5 hours walking, hiking and climbing we reached the Alpine Refuge “Yossos Apostolides” in 2.760 meters above the sea level. Amazing! We spend the night there and on the next morning, some people from our group headed to conquer Mytikas peak!

An experience of a lifetime!

Check some pictures of our amazing climb to Mount Olympus.

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