Meet the world in Greece! Greece is more than a country. It’s more than you already know. Meet the world in Greece! You don’t have to go to the Moon to see these craters, just come to Greece! You don’t have to go to the Bahamas to find these seas, just come to Greece! From the mountains of Tibet to the mountains of the

Evidence of Sea Kayak Halkidiki in Melbourne, Australia! From November 2013 until March 2014, a Sea Kayak Halkidiki team member visited some friends in the beautiful city of Melbourne, which is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia. A truly unique travel experience that cannot be easily described with words. However, in a future post we

Sea Kayak Halkidiki presentation in Russian from Mouzenidis Travel! Recently, our Sea Kayak Halkidiki center acquired a full company presentation as an official excursion of Mouzenidis Travel. For over 19 years Mouzenidis Travel is a leader in tourist market of Eastern Europe with Greece being the destination. Particularly, in the following link you can find a detailed presentation of Sea Kayak Halkidikis’ company and

Sea Kayak Halkidiki in Skopelos island for 2014 Easter! The celebration of Easter in Greece is the most important date in the Greek calendar, for the religious and non-religious alike. This year, Sea Kayak Halkidiki team celebrated the 2014 Easter in the Skopelos island, where we have a lot of good friends and family living and working in the island. Skopelos, is the largest

Easter Wishes and Greetings! Easter is just around the corner, and we at Sea Kayak Halkidiki want to send our warmest Easter greetings to you and to your family. Easter is a time to rejoice, be thankful, be assured that all is forgiven so life extends beyond the soil of earth. Happy Easter everyone!

Sea Kayak Halkidiki team at the top of Mount Olympus (2918 m)! On Saturday 19 October 2013, Sea Kayak Halkidiki joined the environmental club of University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) for the ultimate climbing experience. Climbing Mount Olympus. The highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in the Balkans. The highest point is Mytikas (2.918 m), the place were Zeus dwells, and fires his lightning

New Website Redesign! Dear friends, sea kayakers from all over the world! Great news. Sea Kayak Halkidiki has a brand New Website redesign. Visit it at: As the new Summer Season 2014 is coming to a start here in Halkidiki, we want to say a special Thank you to you all for the successful previous season. That’s why we at Sea Kayak